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Now that you’ve unwrapped the holidays, you might be sitting with a lot of new plastic gift cards. But what are you going to do with all of those cards? (They certainly won’t all fit in your wallet at once!) The Gyft app is the #1 trusted gift card wallet app and the perfect place to store¬†your gift cards – on your mobile device.

Why should you upload your gift cards to Gyft?

  • Never carry a plastic gift card again – keep your wallet trim and never forget a gift card at home again
  • Redeem the gift cards right from your phone in the store or online – no need to dig into your wallet or junk drawer to find it
  • Keep track of the balance remaining on the gift card
  • Stay organized and up-to-date

How to upload your gift cards to Gyft

  • Download the Gyft app for iOS or Android
  • Create an account using Facebook, Google+ or your email
  • Select¬†“Upload” (note: upload is only available on the mobile apps)
  • Search from one of our retailers or create a custom card and upload any gift card
  • Your stored gift cards will be shown in your Gyft wallet

It’s that easy! Next time you head into your favorite store, you will have your gift cards available on your phone.

Download Gyft to get started!


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