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Using only a bing search engine you can earn various rewards easily. All you need is a microsoft account and then just search away. Every 2 searches you do gets you 1 point for up to 15 points after 30 searches via computer searches. If you have a smartphone you can get an additional 10 points after 20 searches which will bring you to a minimum combined 25 points per day. It doesn’t matter what you search for whether it’s each letter of the alphabet or something legitimate. In less than a month you’ll be able to get rewards. This video just shows you proof that it’s real and not some gimmick and is easy as it gets to earn Xbox live rewards and other various things. It would be much appreciated if anyone who hasn’t signed up used my link to help me get some points as well. Thanks for watching the video and I hope you guys enjoyed it. Leave a comment and let everyone know if it worked for you!
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Xbox Live Gamertag: Zx CreeL xZ