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Hay Day Gift Cards

This video shows you a few examples of what you can get for 30 gift cards. Every day the postman will drop off some thank you messages from all the others farms you have helped.

To get these thank you cards you need to water trees and bushes, and fill boat orders when your friends ask for them.

Please note that the maximum number of thank you messages will not be the same as the gift cards. The largest number of gift cards you can get a day will be 5. Even if you watered 50 bushes and filled 10 crates. The amount will not increase however if you don’t help enough you either won’t get any or will get less than five.

To find a farm that needs help so you can earn gift cards look out for the help icon in the newspaper or on your friends bar.

Once your collection of cards reaches the total you’d like to spend and in the case of this video it’s 30 then tap on the mail box and the order card will appear. Your mailbox total won’t go over 40 so you have to spend them.

Choose from the options:
10 Cards = Small Mystery Package
20 Cards = Medium Mystery Package
30 Cards = Large Mystery Package

35 Cards = Mystery Deco Package

Once you have selected the package you like the order confirmation button will appear. Just click it to accept and your order will be sent.

A few seconds later, the postman will return with your package. This can be found in front of your doorstep. Once you see it, tap on the package to open it and collect your prize. I just love the diamonds. Ornaments are not so great but the produce is really useful.

My preference has always been the 30-gift option as I get nicer prizes; however, the choice is yours. It’s a free gift and you earn XP by watering or filling boats so collect away and enjoy the gifts.