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Grow Your Business with GiftLocal…Gift Cards Online! brought to you by GiftCards.com. The Chef Revenue Officer, Steve, discusses with Jason the benefits of having a customized online gift card program, how it grows small businesses, and how easy it is to set up a gift card program with GiftCards.com.

We leverage online sales to shift power back to local businesses giving local merchants the ability to compete against national brands’ gift cards. GiftCards.com’s GiftLocal levels the playing field for local businesses by providing a gift cards on the largest online rack. Today online card sales account for almost half of the market…we help local businesses to take a piece of this business.

Ranked #1 for the term “gift card” allows us to get your customized gift card in front of millions of customers every month.

GiftLocal Topic #1) Easy Signup Process

Enter general information
Email is sent to you
Open Link and Enter
Billing information
Digital signature

GiftLocal Topic #2) Can this gift card be used anywhere since it’s a Discover?

Can work within categories
Your company logo is on each gift card
We do have the option to lock the gift card down to your location

GiftLocal Topic #3) Do we keep the funds on the gift cards?

GiftCards.com does all the tracking, reporting, and enchantment
We drive traffic to your business

GiftLocal Topic #4) SEO
GiftCards.com will point to your website creating additional SEO

GiftLocal Topic #5) Customizing your giftcards.com page

Add photos
Add coupons and promotions
Pick your own card designs
Add marketing materials

GiftLocal Topic #6) More gift cards sold; more client traffic

Competing Against National Brands
Leveraging the Power of the Internet

GiftCards.com rank #1 for the term “gift cards

GiftLocal Topic #7) No Expense of Changing your POS system

Gift cards are run on the Discover network
No Shopping Cart needed/Just Link to your www.giftcards.com page
Processing and transaction fees explained

GiftLocal Topic #8) Investment & Marketing

Breakdown of pricing
How a Merchant tracks gift card sales
Marketing Tools provided by GiftCards.com
Using Facebook and Twitter to grow business

GiftLocal Topic #9) Customizing Your Gift Cards

Adding your logo
Create your own gift card design
Add recipient’s name

GiftLocal Topic #10) Who is GiftCards.com?

Pittsburgh, PA based company
Around since 1999
24/7 customer service
We print on demand

GiftLocal Topic #11) Competing with local businesses like you

GiftCards.com is ranked #1 in Google for the term “gift cards
You will be on our website increasing your visability
You will place higher on our website than non-customers in searches