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Free Gift Card — – Click This Link Now and Learn to Get Free Gift Cards

Congratulations! You’ve just won yourself a $50 gift card!
This is what the emails and pop-up ads keep on telling me, anyhow.

No doubt however, I’d have to buy something and jump through some hoops in order to receive my “prize”. And if I completed that, I’d get spam-slammed or receive telemarketing calls.

Nevertheless, it is possible to receive free gift cards. It’s true that few things in life are free, and in this case, you will have to work for your share of “free”. Perhaps click on a link in an email. Fill out a survey, maybe use a particular search engine, take part in a Twitter party, utilize a rewards credit card, so forth…

For the most part, you don’t have to spend a single nickel to get free gift cards. All it really costs is time. A few minutes each day, or perhaps a bit more.

The Tried and Trusted
Begin with established sites. For example:
• Swagbucks
• MyPoints
• QuickRewards
• My Coke Rewards

Do be aware of the newer programs though. For example, I recently joined Superpoints and that’s going well. It’s invitation-only, but it’s possible to get an invite through their Facebook page.

With respect to survey sites, you often have the option of choosing between cash value or gift cards. It’s worth taking a moment to do the math before you commit to one or the other however. And I’d advise against those companies that allow you to trade points for entries into sweepstakes. Who knows if anyone ever actually wins through a sweepstake…

But how do you go about separating the scammers and spammers from the legitimate rewards sites? A good start is to read online reviews by previous users. And of course, videos such as this one are very helpful. Look around for bloggers who provide recommendations. Sometimes a blogger will receive a fee for a referral, but for the most part, those reputable bloggers would never risk alienating their reader-base just to make a few extra bucks.

Whichever route you take to earn free gift cards, I’d like to wish you well! Click on the link just below to learn more about earning free gift cards!

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