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Enchanted Gift Cards is our second product to answer to the needs of small business when it comes to gift card programs.

Enchanted Gift Cards is an All-In-One, Total Solution for your business. You will receive all your business needs:

1-Gift Card, Loyalty Card and Rewards system

2-Enchanted Gift Cards Web-Based Portal to manage your program and customer database.

3-Enchanted Gift Cards Windows-Based software to run on a PC and manage your program and customer database.

4-Enchanted Gift Cards is a powerful tool to collect and manage customer data, while highest level of security is maintained and your customer’s privacy is fully protected.

5-Use plastic cards with barcode, magnetic stripe or just a number for each customer. You could even use your customer’s phone number!!!

6- Enchanted Gift Cards is the ultimate solution for businesses with multiple locations. No extra cost to use Enchanted Gift Cards in your locations.

Like all other products from Marsoft LLC, Enchanted Gift Cards is designed to be simple and easy-to-use.