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Gift cards are pretty awesome. They make great gifts to friends, and they give them the option to choose whatever they want in that particular store.

But let’s admit it, they’re also kind of a struggle… In order to buy one, you have to go the store and take time out of your day. Then you need to find a way to hand it to the recipient, who has to make sure to never forget it when he visits the selected store, which let’s be honest… happens all the time!
Plus, it’s pretty hard to keep track of the money on said gift card, unless you physically visit the shop and ask the cashier what amount is left.

However, there is a way to still enjoy all of the cool benefits that gift cards have without all these drawbacks: let us introduce you to LocalSphere digital gift card solution.

It’s really simple: you can purchase the gift card online, from your computer or your smartphone, wherever and whenever you want: with Digital Gift Cards, your business is opened 24/7!
You can customize the card however you feel, choose the amount you want to offer, leave a personalized message, select how you want to send it – SMS or email, pay online… and it’s done! The recipient will receive the gift card of the selecting date.

Forgetting the card, or losing track of how much you spend are no longer a problem: since you always have your smartphone on you, you will always have the gift card too! And it includes a credit count, that allows you to see how much money you have left.

Also, this mobile tool doesn’t require any extra equipment on the business side- merchants can simply use their existing card terminal to process the payment.

This is a fantastic and modern product that will make life easier for your customers and boost your sales. Contact us, and start experiencing the numerous benefits or digital gift cards! We will make you love this new digital world.