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Hello all! For today’s festivities, I called a “free” Visa gift card scam call center as Barack Obama and chatted with “Alex” the scammer. Enjoy! Follow me:Patreon ▶ Twitter ▶
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These scammers claim to be from the company “National Advertisers” or “Great Fun”, headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia (this company doesn’t exist and pressing them for a website or other information yields nothing). After claiming that they’ll send you “free” $100 dollar gift cards and other gifts, they will ask for your name, phone number, address, and credit card number. They then offer scammy rebate deals of sketchy or non-existent companies (Great Fun, Safe Data Trust and Stealth, Discount Travel Club, Rewards Auto Club) that auto-bill your credit card, saying that you must charge your card for the “shipping” of the free gift cards. What a deal!

Had a lot of fun with this call. Check out my compilation video of all the fake names these rewards cards scammers use:

More about the scam here:

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This is the visa gift card scam