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Download AppBounty Hacked from here :
If you already have AppBounty you have just to insert this code ( cnrkldbs ) and follow the other steps.

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AppBounty hack :

Freemyapps hack :

Clash Royale hack :
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in apps like : AppBounty, Freemyapps, AppNana, Feature Points, Whaff Rewards,
Clash Royale and Clash of Clans.
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AppBounty , Freemyapps, AppNana , Whaff Rewards and Feature Points
are the most important apps for free gift cards.
Unfortunately it is very difficult to obtain just one because you must complete
a lot of offers. With my hack tutorials if you’ll follow all the steps could have a
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Clash Royale:
In Clash Royale, players are ranked by level and trophies. The maximum level is thirteen, while there are ten arenas (including the Training Camp) in total in the game. A player wins a battle by destroying more towers than the opponent, or by destroying the opponent’s “King’s Tower”, which grants an automatic three “crown” victory. At the start of each game, both players are given a “hand” of four cards from a “deck” of eight cards chosen by the player. Cards can be used to attack and defend. To play the cards, the player must have enough “elixir”, one elixir automatically being replenished every second. Once a card is placed, a new card from the deck is drawn to the hand. The arena that you are in, is determined by the number of “trophies” that you have. Trophies are acquired by winning battles. However, trophies can be deducted by losing battles as well. Players may increase their “level” by “donating” or “upgrading” cards, which gain experience points. Once you level up, the “Arena Towers” and “King’s Tower’s” hit points and damage increase. The amount of experience points necessary to rank up increases with each level.