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Here’s what you’ll need!

Graduation Cap


Craft tassels
Gift cards

1. Create the pattern as shown onto the cardstock. The width of the square should be as wide as the gift card.
2. Place the gift cards inside.
3.Fold down the sides over and under to close the card.
4. Flip over to the top part and use glue to attach the button in the center.
5. Take the tassel and wrap it around the button.

Tea Cup

Tea cup
Tissue paper confetti
Tea bags
Small clothespins
Gift cards

1. Grab a cute tea cup and add some tissue paper confetti.
2. Clip an assortment of tea bags together using small clothespins.
3. Place the gift cards in the middle.

Jelly Jars

4 oz Ball Quilted Crystal Jelly Jars
8 oz Ball Quilted Crystal Jelly Jars
Decorative Paper Tape (25mm)
Gift Cards and candy
Heavy duty glue

1. Remove lids from jar. Glue the top of one lid to the top of the other and let dry overnight.
2. Put candy in 4 oz jar and put the lid on. Take the 8 oz jar and add gift cards in.
3. Put the lid on. Take the tape and wrap it around the two lids to conceal the glued lids. (Add decorative elements as desired)

Money Wreath

Small clothespins
Dollar bills
2 different sized bowls
Gift cards

1. Use a large bowl to trace a circular shape on the cardboard.
2. Use a smaller bowl for the center circle, creating a base for the wreath.
3. Cut out the shape and use tape to attach a ribbon for hanging.
4. Use the small clothespins to clip the bills and gift cards onto the cardboard. (bonus points if there’s a pattern)
5 .Add a bow for decoration.

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